Randy Haykin



My Vistage group

My Vistage group (aka “V4”)

In 2017, I formed a Vistage** group in the Bay Area to help CEOs improve their leadership skills / style. We meet monthly and the CEOs act as advisors to one another, plus I meet 1:1 with each CEO every month.   Our present group consists of 16 gifted CEOs whose growth-stage businesses range widely from Artificial Intelligence to Construction to Wine.



** www.vistage.com is a global organization serving over 22,000 executives

Leadership Development

My Leadership Development Practice

I have been working 1:1 over the past 31 years with a variety of entrepreneurs (start-up and scale-up) and executives who want to take their game to the next level.  Having been on over 30 boards, I have developed on the ability to ASK GREAT QUESTIONS, which I consider to be my primary role as “coach”. In the past 3 years, I have been hired by organizations to:

  • Facilitate organization & professional development offsites (eg Trust, Strategy)
  • Facilitate Scaling Up” and “Strategic Planning” practices and offsites
  • Create and oversee strategic marketing and sales plans