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Marketing Innovation – Part II

December 21st, 2009

At my course at UC Berkeley on Innovation, Creativity & the Entrepreneur we had an eye-opening class on “Marketing Innovation” -  how the marketing profession/role has dramatically changed in the past 10-15 years, the impact of various technologies on Marketing globally, and current innovations in marketing, ranging from research, to advertising, to promotion, price, product and channel/place (the “Marketing Mix” as taught at the Haas School).

I challenged our 46 students to each go out on the ‘Net and find the best examples that they could on “Marketing Innovations” – both technology-driven and “old media with a new twist”.  Results were FANTASTIC as we collectively found over 90 examples of all forms of creativity and innovation in today’s marketing.

Wanted to share the top trend-setting blogs & sites for Marketing Strategy:

  • Visionary Marketing blog – created by an international set of entrepreneurs/marketers, provides and excellent Blog Roll of many other great spots for Marketing Innovation on the Net.
  • Business Week blog on InnnovationThis blog covers “new innovations in marketing from new tools to how people rethink how to get their messages out.  Marketing Innovation is part of Business Exchange, suggested by Tracy Zhang.
  • Tim Brown’s Design Thinking blog (thank, you, Kavita) – Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, offers his cutting edge views on design and innovation. His posts tend to take a deeper dive into areas such as creative culture and how purpose creates a strategic advantage in the area of innovation.
  • Adam Richardson’s blog (thank you, Kavita) – The Creative Director at Frog Design’s blog on the intersection of design, business, technology,and culture. His posts focus on ways to integrate creative and strategic thinking and approaches to any problem.
  • Online marketing blog (thank you, Angus) – Internet marketing blog on the intersection of social media, digital public relations and search engine marketing. Tons of interesting info. and some interesting overlaps with Seth Godin’s blog – try typing “marketing is ,” or “marketing innovation ” in Google search … makes you think.
  • Future Lab – blog by global agency, FutureLab with lots of entries on strategy and innovation
  • Seth’s blog (thank you, Angus) – Marketing guru Seth Godin’s blog which doesn’t hold punches. Godin founded of Squidoo ( which is a user-generated- website that uses the concept of a lens to filter information (like blog posts but within a subject).
  • Web Strategist (thank you, Deval) -  Jeremy Owyang is a web strategist whose target audience is Marketing professionals and CMOs. He writes for Forbes as well.Very practical advice on how to leverage social media for your company.

I’d like to hear about additional sites on the strategic/general topic of marketing innovation…