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How Many Ways to Kill Innovation?

February 21st, 2012 by admin Leave a reply »

One of my favorite posts on the topic of Innovation-Killers, comes from the innovative blogsite, ThinkJar, created by Ben Weinlick.  Ben attended The Intersection 2012 and has created a great site for convergent and divergent creativity.  Take a look at this post on 21 Ways to Kill Creativity, written by Michael Michalko (author of Thinkertoys: A Handbook of Creative Thinking Techniques).

I would like to add one or two of my own creativity-killers:

1) don’t ever, ever, listen to your children’s ideas

2) immerse yourself in lots of television (especially sitcoms, game-shows, and reality tv series) and mobile games.

What other innovation-killers are you experience at home or work?



  1. Thapanee says:

    The best Innovation-killer i have expereinced at my work was “thinking about the budget before anything” Think within a limited budget you have been told by your boss and act like that budget cannot be changed even a cent. Another killer, if you say never listen to your child, I’ll say never listen to your parent. Their ideas are out-of-date for today modern’s world:(

  2. Alina Gress says:

    1) reading popular books about leadership, management, psychology, and other destroying brain literature
    2) search for inspiration on “inspirational” blogs
    3) expand your mind with different substances
    4) born as lady gaga
    5) decide to enroll for MBA
    6) not watching “The Simpsons” – most creative and satirical show ever
    7) always critique employees ideas and suggestions
    8) install free coffee vending machine at the office
    9) unblock social networks access at the office
    10) work at the japanese office

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