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Online tools and sites for creative problem solving

November 22nd, 2009 by admin Leave a reply »

There are a variety of great tools available on the web today to use in the Creative Problem Solving Process. Below are a few of the tools that my class at UC Berkeley identified this past semester and used in creative problem solving.

Sites that provide numerous tools and techniques

Some sites are just great resources for a variety of problem-solving topics and techniques, such as:

Tools for the Problem Solving Process

Here are some online tools that can be used during the collaborative process itself to enable groups to track their ideas, solutions and options:

  • MindMeister – great online tool for mind-mapping
  • Linoit- online sticky notes that you can use to group ideas in brainstorming
  • Digital Dreamboard- lets you visualize an outcome or set up a dream or desired goal
  • Group Systems- team collaboration tools for individual, small group or larger company innovation
  • Evernote – allows you to track and organize group notes
  • Wet Paint – easily create wiki that group can share  to track the entire creative process
  • Tag Crowd – use this tool to “converge” on a wide range of ideas that you have as a group – it organizes and allows you to group your responses
  • Google docs – if all else fails, your team can always collaborate through the use of shared documents on Google !

I would be curious to hear about other tools not mentioned above!



  1. Sneha says:

    Have you tried out Injoos Teamware. I would reckon that they have the most comprehensive integrated collaboration platform. With their latest release they have added a new twist to track and execute projects “the social way”. Checkout their Blog

  2. Gregg Fraley says:

    Randy, thanks for mentioning my site as a creative problem solving resource.

    My comment is those interested in virtual idea generation should look at tools like Imaginatik ( and Both are web-based software service companies that have sophisticated systems for “idea management”/collective intelligence. They have everything Wiki tools do, but in addition have more tools for convergence/voting, idea tracking and hooks to financial systems.

  3. Lauri Brown says:

    Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning. – William Arthur Ward

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