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Advertising meet Adver-FLYsing – innovative marketing

November 4th, 2009 by admin Leave a reply »

It’s getting harder and harder to get your message across to others over TV, radio, or Internet.  But this company seems to have come up with another way to get their message out “over the air”.

One of my students at Cal, Yahel Ben-David, shared this video with me – taken from the German advertising site Adland.

This is an interesting example “intersectional creativity”  I referred to in my September 4, 2009 on “Where is Creativity Found.”  We’ve all had experience with flys …they can be annoying, distracting and upsetting…but they definitely have a way of getting one’s attention (unless you are a cow out on the pasture).  The company that set up this “innovative’ approach to marketing simply combined the annoyance of a fly with the novelty of nano-messaging – to create a very bizarre and attention-getting mixture.

Now, the question I have is “how do you actually TARGET your market using this invention”.  For those geneticists out there, this seems like an intriguing problem. Can one develop a FLY strong enough to carry a larger sign? Can the fly be pre-dispositioned to fly toward a particular target?

Certainly and unnerving example of mixing biology with aerodynamics and advertising!


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