Name: Randy M. Haykin
Stats: Married, 3 children
Born: Brooklyn, NY 1960
Hobbies: family, singing, yoga, coaching, philanthropy
Colleges: Brown, Harvard

Favorite Books:

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I am a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and venture capitalist located in the Bay Area.  My career spans 30 years in Consumer, Enterprise and Infrastructure businesses in both technology and consumer services areas.

Other roles I enjoy playing are husband, father, author, artist, educator, wine enthusiast and philanthropist.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve worked at Yahoo (1995, was founding VP Sales & Marketing), Electric Minds (Founding COO), and Overture (1997, with IdeaLab), NetChannel (VP Business Development), and Entrepreneur Wines (Founder, Chief Wine Officer).

I have been making angel investments in early-stage companies for over 15 years and have also been an investor (and sometimes Advisor or Board member) in many real estate, software, biotechnology, and consumer services companies. Haykin Capital is my investment vehicle for these.  At present, I assist 2-3 start-ups at a time, using a "mentor capital" model. I work from an office in downtown Pleasanton, California and enjoy entertaining entrepreneurs, boards, and partners from this unique and creative office.

In 2012, I launched a new entity for funding social ventures (for-profit and not-for-profit entities aimed at social good) called The Gratitude Network.  In 2012 and 2013, we held our annual event on innovation and social change -- The Intersection (See short video here), attended by 350 top innovators and held inside of Google and Pixar headquarters. The Gratitude Network, in its pilot phase, has assisted 20 “scale-ups” many of who are listed here.

Prior philanthropic escapades leading up to Gratitude included: the American Cancer Society (strategic advisor, national board), Opportunity International (Board of Governors for 10+ years; micro-lending to the poor), and Universal Giving (Board Director).

I am a member of the Faculty at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business where I teach “New Venture Finance" and “Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship” (ICE). I am also on the visiting faculty at U. Cambridge and UIBE in Beijing, China.

In 1995, I founded Interactive Minds, which later became Outlook Ventures, a SF-based software venture capital family of funds.  With Partner, Carl Nichols, we successfully launched three venture funds including Outlook III $140 million fund in 2002. The firm has funded over 30 early-stage technology firms since inception, including: Overture, Wit Capital, Impulse Buy Network, DotBank, eTeamz, Active Networks, eCirlces/, Epicentric, Lasso Logic, Echopass, Loyalty Lab, Reconnex, Xactly, Vantos, Clairmail, Digital Chocolate, and

Earlier in my career, I was fortunate to work with several innovative enterprises in areas of incubation and innovation.  At Apple, I created the first Multimedia Developer Program in 1990, at Paramount/Viacom I oversaw new venture spin-offs at The Media Kitchen in Palo Alto, and at AOL I worked with the President & VP to create AOL's Greenhouse incubator which launched and funded 30+ content startups.