This three-part video sequence is a compilation of interviews with well-known entrepreneurs during 2009-2010 for case studies highlighting creativity and innovation.  The compilation is created to encourage thinking on what Creativity means in the entrepreneurial context, and where new and creative ideas come from, and the nuances and differences between Creativity and Innovation. Click here to Learn more about the virtual case  and  online video interviews of these speakers.
Brian Bowman
Brian is the chief architect of marketing, traffic acquisition, and product development. He is responsible for strategic planning, positioning, and P&L management of all online marketing initiatives. He helms the growth of Reply!'s network of websites, customer acquisition and lead generation.

A skilled general manager with more than 17 years of experience in online marketing, product strategy, and product management, Bowman has held executive-level positions at several leading online consumer companies, including Yahoo, The Walt Disney Company, and

Before joining Reply!, Bowman was VP of Community for, where he led global planning, positioning, and product development for community products. He was VP of Marketing & Product Management for and led the development of local, web search, and mobile search products. He oversaw's product strategy and led the company to significant revenue and registration increases. Prior to joining, Bowman was VP and General Manager for The Walt Disney Company's ABC Television Network online division.

Bowman graduated with a bachelor's degree in Fine Art from Purdue University, and sits on the advisory boards for and He resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Bowman is an expert at unburdening himself of sizeable sums of money at the poker table, and is available when your next poker night requires an infusion of cash.

Trip Hawkins
Trip has been a new media pioneer for 30 years. Early in his career, Trip played a key role in defining the personal computer at Apple. He went on to found Electronic Arts and built the company into the industry leader. Trip also founded 3DO, a pioneer in digital video, network gaming, and social communities.

The author of three patents, Trip introduced the use of celebrities and athletes in video games, and his design credits include award-winning best-sellers such as John Madden Football, Army Men, M.U.L.E., Doctor J and Larry Bird Go One on One, and High Heat Baseball. Trip received an MBA from Stanford University and developed his own major at Harvard University, where he graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Strategy and Applied Game Theory. He was the first business executive to be inducted into the Hall of Fame by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences.

Pablos Holman
Pablos is a Senior Inventor at Intellectual Ventures. He is a futurist, inventor, security expert, and notorious hacker with a unique view into both breaking and building new technologies.

Pablos consults on invention and design projects that assimilate new technologies – making wild ideas a bit more practical and vice versa. Previously, Pablos helped build the world's smallest PC; spaceships at Blue Origin; artificial intelligence agent systems; and the Hackerbot, a WiFi seeking robot.

Pablos is working at the Intellectual Ventures Laboratory where a wide variety of futuristic invention projects are under way including a fission machine to stop hurricanes; a system to reverse global warming; and a device that can shoot mosquitoes out of the sky with lasers to help eradicate malaria.

A highly sought after speaker for events all over the world – Pablos has recently spoken at UC Berkeley, Stanford, the United Nations Headquarters, EG, and the World Economic Forum at Davos.

Relating the unique mindset and powers of hackers to all aspects of invention and innovation, he terrifies and delights all audiences.

Jason Loia
Jason was responsible for successfully bringing Digital Chocolate software to life across multiple platforms, carriers, and handsets. Loia joined the company after serving as vice president of product development and executive producer at Lavastorm, a mobile game developer for Disney, Sega, and other media companies. Jason received a BSEE from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, a MSEE from Stanford University, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Patty McCord
Patty has served as Netflix Chief Talent Officer since 1998.

Patty manages Netflix's unique corporate culture, whose motto is "smart people, hard problems" and has a seemingly disproportionate ratio of corporate employees (about 500) to total revenue (more than $1.3 billion at the end of 2008).

Under Patty's leadership, Netflix attracts and retains a dynamic, high performance workforce dedicated to superior customer experience, which has propelled the company to be being named by ForeSee Results as the #1 Web site for customer satisfaction in eight consecutive surveys since 2005. Patty believes that deftly managing the talent mix at Netflix is paramount to the success of the company. To ensure that she has the right mix of people at Netflix, Patty often asks, "Is what you love doing and what you're extraordinary at something Netflix needs someone to be great at?"

Acknowledging the value of combining data and values, Patty expects each employee to understand the key business objectives and relate them to their own work. Metrics are at the core of every department, from customer acquisition to number of discs shipped to customer demographics. While Patty's department serves as a conduit for communications between employees and management, she is adamant about keeping a lean organization in which openness, approachability and honesty are valued above all else.

Patty has more than 16 years of experience in human resources with high-tech companies in the Silicon Valley. Prior to joining Netflix, Patty served as a consultant to various start-ups as a principal of Patty McCord Consulting. From 1994 to 1997, she served as director of human resources at Pure Atria, now Rational Software Corporation, where she managed all human resources functions and directed all management development programs. From 1992 to 1994, Patty was human resources manager at Borland International, where she implemented a recruitment strategy to double the engineering staff in one year. Prior to Borland she worked at Sun Microsystems where she started the Diversity Programs Department.

Steven Mirassou
Steve Mirassou (Steven Mirassou's father) and his cousins founded the Mirassou Sales Company in 1966; the family winery in San Jose primarily made bulk wines for other wineries and some wine for their tasting room sales. It was at this time that the Mirassou brand was marketed nationally and Steve Mirassou, as Vice President of Sales, spent substantial time on the road working with distributors and salespeople to build the Mirassou brand, a brand that enjoyed national popularity and acclaim through the seventies and early eighties . In 1984, Steve left the operations of the winery and in partnership with his friend and colleague started a new brand - the Ivan Thomas winery. In 1988, at the invitation of Eric Wente[1] <#_ftn1> , the partners moved their operations to Livermore Valley, where they sourced the grapes and the equipment (from the Wente's) to make the wine and focused on building a brand around value oriented California-Italian varieties.

As a sixth-generation Mirassou, Steven grew up around wine; vacations were spent working in the winery, while school projects involved writing reports on his family's wine business. However, his creative bend of mind drew him to the east coast to study literature; as a student at NYU he completed his master's degree, but soon chose not to pursue the planned PhD, and continue to work full-time. Around this time, on a trip to California, the strawberry farms en-route to his mother's house in Monterey reminded Steven of what he missed the most: his connection with the soil, the fruit and the labors of the fruit; a connection that was both fulfilling and inspirational, a connection that brought him closer to his ancestors in terms of their everyday trials and tribulations, a connection where-in he could stick his hands in the dirt to grow something that he knew would be valuable to himself and others around him. He returned to California in 1992, by which time he was married, and joined his father's business as the California Sales Manager in 1996. In this role, he not only put the skills he learnt as a child in the winery, but also brought the creative and story-telling skills that he learnt as a student of literature, into marketing and developing the brand. During the subsequent years he spent substantial time with his father, discussing the plans for his own winery. In 2002, Steven created his own brand, Steven Kent, with the aid of his father, and later added the La Rochelle in the Livermore Valley. Steven has served as President of the Steven Kent Winery since 2004, overseeing the Steven Kent and La Rochelle (a Pinot Noir line purchased from his cousins in 2005) brands as well as an upcoming high-end brand aptly called Lineage.

JB Straubel
At Tesla Motors, JB oversees the technical and engineering design of the vehicles, focusing on the battery, motor, power electronics, and high-level software sub-systems. Additionally, he evaluates new technology, manages vehicle systems testing, and handles technical interface with key vendors.

Prior to Tesla Motors, JB was the CTO and co-founder of the aerospace firm, Volacom, which designed a specialized high-altitude electric aircraft platform using a novel power plant. At Volacom, JB invented and patented a new long-endurance hybrid electric propulsion concept that was later licensed to Boeing. Before Volacom, JB worked at Rosen Motors as a propulsion engineer developing a new hybrid electric vehicle drivetrain based on a micro turbine and a high-speed flywheel. JB was also part of the early team at Pentadyne, where he designed and built a first-generation 150kW power inverter, motor-generator controls, and magnetic bearing systems.

Armed with a bachelor's in energy systems engineering and an master's in energy engineering from Stanford University, JB left the cold winters of Wisconsin for good. He now lives in Menlo Park, California., where he continues to indulge his passion for electric transportation: he built an electric Porsche 944 that held a world EV racing record, a custom electric bicycle, and a pioneering hybrid trailer system. JB is also an accomplished pilot.

Payam Zamani
After graduating from the University of California at Davis, I co-founded in 1994, the first online car buying service.

Over 4 years, we raised $12M from VC's and grew the company from concept to over $20M in annual revenues. We took the company public on March 23, 1999. The stock was priced at $14, opened at $28 and closed the first day at $40. The company raised over 80M and the stock was the most active on NASDAQ for that day. Ultimately, the company's market cap reached $1.2B.

In late 1999, I started PurpleTie. My goal was to create a national brand for dry cleaning by connecting an online store front to thousands of neighborhoods in the country through a spoke & hub delivery system. We needed $400M to take the company national. The brand represented quality and we focused heavily on environmentally friendly practices. The service launched in the San Francisco Bay Area during the summer of 2000. However, in 2001 as the financing for internet based start ups dried up, we ended up shutting down the business.

A few months later I learned that and had gone out of business. These businesses combined had raised about $.5B in capital and I saw significant value in their brands. I purchased their remaining assets for about $100K and formed Reply! Inc. Since inception we have raised over $20M in funding. represents the natural evolution of online marketing from display and CPC media to performance based marketing priced on a per lead basis.

We see a multi-billion dollar opportunity in providing efficient marketing solutions to businesses that need to speak with online consumers to deliver their products or services. In 2008 we launched a patent pending platform that is the equivalent of Google Adwords for the CPL (cost per lead) market. We anticipate significant growth in the coming years.

Renn Zaphiropoulos
A retired serial entrepreneur from the Silicon Valley, Renn sold his last start-up Versatec to Xerox and later ran the Xerox Parc division. Renn's story is recounted in the class HBS Case "Renn Zaphiropoulos". Renn is a painter, a rancher, furniture designer, guitar craftsman, virtuoso musician, collector and corporate visionary for many boards he has participated on. Renn is currently an Adjunct Professor of Business at Southern Utah University, and has lectured on around the world (for both corporations and universities) on the topics of leadership, creativity and entrepreneurship. Renn's book on creative leadership, Entrepreneurial Wisdom, is available on Amazon.